Use this notice board for messages to other members

eg Team Vacancies, Coming Events etc.

 To post on notice board                                                              

or put note in Club pigeonhole under W (for website)

EIBA National Competitions update

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Guidance and Etiquette


New Bowlers

(and some not so new bowlers)

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Summer 2020

Draft Fixture Book

Click on PDF link to view book.

There is also a Draft Copy in the Club Bar for members to check.

If you find any issues with the

Draft Fixture Book please leave a

message at The Club for

Steve Cambers.

The Club Coffee Morning

Raised over £900

What a great success and thanks

to all who supported it.

If you are looking for an extra game, why not put your name on the floaters list.

Teams are always looking for new players.


Wanted: Donations of


unused gifts etc.


The Club is hoping to encourage young new players to join.

We need 2 or 3 sets of small size bowls.

From size 1 - 2 -  0 - 00 - 000 - 0000

If you have any of these to donate to The Club or to sell

at a reasonable price.

Please contact The Club and leave a message for Gill.