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Wednesday Evening Trips

Unfortunately 801 team are unable to play until the New Year at the earliest. This means if you are down to play them, you have a night off.



There will be no friendly games in the Monday Night Trips, this is because 26 has come back into the League.  This only leaves 28 as a non playing team at this time, if you are down to play 28 in the league then you have a night off.


If there are any issues please let me know.


Steve Cambers

Update to Fixture Book 12/09/20

There is a change to Monday Evening Trips.

Gerald Pask is a Non Playing Captain For Jane's Jokers Team 24

Update to Fixture Book 08/09/20

There is a change to 17th Dec 20 Thursday Night it should be:-

55 v 53 R1 and 2

56 v 52 R 3 and 4

From Steve Cambers

Fixture Secretary

Due to the current unprecedented circumstances a number of teams have said they will not be or may not be playing any games in their leagues before Christmas or if at all. These teams have been marked in bold and italics, ie (1 Plodalongs T Wallis ). If you are down to play one of these teams then I have tried to arrange another game with another team from the league. This game will not count toward the league points and standings, its just a game to get everyone playing and to get people into the Club.

These games have been put onto a spreadsheet and will be available in the Club and on the website, please play these games as its vital we get the Club used as much as possible after this long period of the rinks being so quiet.