Here are a few questions/answers that may be useful

Q:    Is there a dress code?

A:   Yes....  for casual bowling you just need smart casuals. For all club league matches you will need grey trousers/skirt with a white polo shirt. For all bowling you will need flat soled special bowls shoes that are not worn outdoors.   More details are printed in the Guidance for New Bowlers booklet you will be given.

Q:     Can I borrow some bowls before committing to joining?

A:    Yes.....  When you are having your three free 'taster' sessions you can borrow some bowls.   The club can advise on sizes and types of bowls and of course there are always pre-owned bowls for sale at the club.

Q:    Who can join?

A:    Our club is open to all who apply and complete the Application Form.  At present there is a minimum age of 8 years however please discuss this with us as younger budding bowlers can always be accommodated.

Q:   Can I get help to start bowling?

A:   Yes..... you can get informal help from volunteer members and/or coaching from our qualified coach.

Q:   Can I play evenings and weekends?

A:   Yes..... There are league games both evening and weekends.

       Also, you can book a rink to practise evening and weekends.

Q:   As a newcomer to bowls, where should I start?

A:   A good idea is to begin with the Bowls Drives.

      These are Monday 2.15pm. to 4.15pm.

                      Saturday 9.55am to 11.55am

      Get here 30 mins. before the start time.

Q:   What is a Bowls Drive?

A:  This is a friendly game.

       You just turn up. You will play 2 one hour games, changing teams after the 1st hour.

       This will give you experience of playing with different people in different playing positions.

       Enjoy the game.



Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club