Email to Gerald Pask

Hi Gerald,

Hope you are both keeping well and safe.

Quite a few members have asked about what is going on down at the Club.

I cannot answer their questions.

They say they are pleased with the work and layout of the Club. All good!

However, they comment that there is no new information on the website.

The sort of things they would like to know are:-

The staff - are they working or on furlough?

The premises - how are they being looked after? What is it costing to keep closed?

The finances – Have members paid their subs.?

The treasurer – state of the finances, any grants from local Council, any more donations?

100 Club – can there be a monthly prize draw yet?

Management Committee – have we still got one?

Communication is so important. Any item, however small, is of interest and will help to keep members onside.

At this time, the only means of keeping in touch is the written word.

Is it possible for you to help me with this, so that I can keep the website alive.




Reply from Gerald Pask

We are both well thanks looking forward to the vaccine.

As you know the club like us all we are in lock down and will not open until we are in tier 1.

The staff are on furlough until we open.

The club premises are being checked 3 times a week to make sure there are no problems.

The club are applying for all grants possible keeping the club finances stable.

There has been a good response from members a good amount have paid their subs thanks to them it helps with the finances.

Because we are in lock down there are no Management Committee meeting allowed.

Hope this helps, a few questions answered




Copy of email from Gerald Pask


Dear Member,                                                                                           12/02/2021

The Board would like to thank you for sending in your membership renewal payment into us, even though unfortunately we are still unable to open at present.

As soon as we are able to re-open your receipt will be handed to you on your first visit back.

The finances of the club are sufficiently stable to enable us to re-open as soon as we get the green light, which like you we are hoping will be very soon.

The directors are keeping an eye on all situations and we will issue an update as soon as possible.

Kind Regards