Update 07/04/2021

Dear Member


As we are hoping to re-open on the 17th May, we are now in a position to  start looking at the summer leagues and Competitions.


Anyone that has already completed a form from last year, these will roll over into this summer season. Also, any member that has paid for either of the above, these fees will also be honoured.


If anyone would like to make up a team or join in the competitions, its not too late just contact

either 01529 413755 or email sdibcfixtures@gmail.com


If you would like to join a league team, please just let us know and we can match you in an existing  team or form a new team.


The Leagues are either a Monday Evening Pairs or a Friday Evening Triples.


There will be a new summer season book produced shortly.

Click on PDF to view

Indoor 2021 Summer League and Competition Entry Forms

For Printing

Hopefully, on opening on the 17th May, our summer club opening times will be :


Monday 2 - 4 bowls drive, league 7 - 9pm

Tuesday 10 - 12,  league 7 - 9pm

Wednesday 12 - 4pm

Thursday 10 - 12

Friday 10 - 12 new bowls drive, league 7 - 9pm

Saturday bowls drive 10 - 12


Please contact the club to book any of these sessions.