New update from The Board of Directors and

The Management Sub Committee


The Club are busy putting in measures of safety as follows:-


(A) To ensure everyone's safety because of the pandemic, the main entrance door will open once the keypad has been operated inside the porch.


(B) The exit door will be at the rear of the green past the lockers. This door has a ramp which makes it wheelchair friendly. A big PUSH button to operate it.


(C) Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the club.


(D) Air vents will be put in the opposite corners of the building to allow fresh air to circulate round the bowls hall. These can be regulated.


(E) 5 rinks will be in use with a space between each rink for social distancing. The rinks will be marked out accordingly.


(F) Toilets will be in use, but everyone needs to be sensible and wash their hands thoroughly and keep the social distancing.


(G) The toilet entry doors and the changing room doors will remain open.


(H) Bowls lockers can be used, but everyone must keep their social distance. If someone is near your locker, you wait until they move away before going to your own.


(I) Every member will get a letter once everything has been put in place.


(J) Refreshments will be provided.


There will be an update at a later date.

This comes from the Board of Directors and the Management Committee sub committee.